Source code for symfit.distributions

Some common distributions are defined in this module. That way, users can easily build
more complicated expressions without making them look hard.

I have deliberately chosen to start these function with a capital, e.g.
Gaussian instead of gaussian, because this makes the resulting expressions more
import sympy

[docs]def Gaussian(x, mu, sig): """ Gaussian pdf. :param x: free variable. :param mu: mean of the distribution. :param sig: standard deviation of the distribution. :return: sympy.Expr for a Gaussian pdf. """ return sympy.exp(-(x - mu)**2/(2*sig**2))/sympy.sqrt(2*sympy.pi*sig**2)
[docs]def Exp(x, l): """ Exponential Distribution pdf. :param x: free variable. :param l: rate parameter. :return: sympy.Expr for an Exponential Distribution pdf. """ return l * sympy.exp(- l * x) # def Beta(): # sympy.stats.Beta()